Missing Teeth

No matter what the reason is when someone loses a tooth, the gap that is the direct result can cause problems when the teeth around it shift into the space and eventually become loose. Missing teeth may also present problems with chewing or speaking. Filling the space from a missing tooth eliminates these problems.

Dentistry has seen exciting changes during the last few years. New procedures are available or are more affordable to patients. Treatment for missing teeth is one area where knowledge and technology has definitely evolved, offering more options than ever before. For many years, crowns, bridges, and partial or full dentures were the only reasonable alternatives for the treatment of tooth loss. While these treatments are all still very viable and are possibly the first choice in some circumstances, dental implants are the primary choice and standard of care for missing teeth from a technical point of view. For people who have lost one or more teeth, they are often the best alternative from a broader range of treatment plans.

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